How McDonald’s takes care of its employees

Group picture of Vancouver McDonald's team members


McDonald’s would not be where it is today without its hard working employees. From top management right through to the front line staff, McDonald’s employees work hard to provide us all with the clockwork like service we have come to know and expect. So naturally, taking care of employees is a high priority that is embedded in the cultural of McDonald's.


McDonald's has achieved great success in many areas of their operations in the first half of 2011. The BC Region has led the way with some unprecedented successes. So how does McDonald's thank their employees for a job well done? The answer – employee appreciation days that include activities at various local venues around town! Vancouver School Bus Charters is proud to be providing transportation services to help make their events go smoothly.


August 16th, 2011 – Employee Appreciation with Beach Volleyball! Throughout the year, McDonald’s always makes an effort to reward everybody from the top managers to the new trainees. One of these appreciation days will be held on August 16, 2011 to thank managers of local restaurants in the Greater Vancouver Area.


Two bus loads of McDonald’s managers will be transported from the McDonald's Vancouver regional headquarters on Still Creek Drive to 6pack Indoor Beach Volleyball, the new 18,000 square-foot, indoor volleyball center on Mitchell Island beneath the Knight Street Bridge. One of the hottest new venues in town, this facility will be a great place for McDonald’s employees to have some drinks and snacks, play some volleyball and get to know colleagues from other restaurants.


Pictures of 6 Pack Indoor Beach Facility


As with any large company, it can be difficult to get to know peers so these employee appreciation days are a great way to get people out of the restaurants just to relax and have fun with others in a pressure free environment (unless of course the beach volleyball brings out some healthy competition).


After everybody has had a chance to build up a nice appetite, there is more planned! In the evening, the group will be taken to Mahoney & Sons Public House, the Irish Pub at the Vancouver Trade and Convention Centre for dinner.


Mahoney and Sons Irish pub entrance


Making employee feel safe and taken care of is priority One of the main goals of the appreciation day organizing committee is to make everybody feel completely taken care of during day so attendees can focus on enjoying themselves without worrying about transportation. Buses have been arranged and extra efforts will be made to ensure that everybody has a safe ride home at the end of the day.


After everybody has had their fill of Irish comfort food, Vancouver School Bus will do our part to transport patrons back to the Still Creek location where people can arrange rides, taxis or public transit to get home safely.


Thank you McDonalds! A chicken McNugget being held in someone's hand


We’re very pleased to be providing corporate transportation for McDonald's. Personally, I would just like to take this opportunity to thank you for inventing Chicken McNuggets. Remembering back to my childhood, there was always a familiar and comfortable feeling from having a boot shaped Chicken McNugget in one hand and a small container of sweet and sour sauce in the other.


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