Cool Vancouver Dining Event: Eat the Street

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From January 25 to February 4, 2012, the PuSh International Performing Arts Festival is presenting a number of contemporary performances in various locations around Vancouver. The PuSh festival is an international performing arts festival that aims to push artistic boundaries. It's about "finding that line that some are afraid to cross, and crossing it anyway."

Vancouver School Bus is happy to be helping out with some of the transportation needs of one of the contemporary performances in particular: Eat the Street. In this series, children will be taking on the roles of food critiques in live, unscripted and spontaneous performances.


Following a culinary session with a professional chef, grades five and six students from Bridgeview Elementary in Surrey will make stops at nine restaurants in Gastown and its neighboring areas. Throughout the three week festival, they will be offering their brutally honest, uncensored opinions on the food, service, décor, washrooms and even the charm of the dishwasher.


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You are invited to the performance! For the cost of a meal, you'll get to sit by the kids table and enjoy a front-row view of the food judging. The public is encouraged to witness the refreshingly honest, uncensored critique of the food, service, decor, washrooms and even the dishwasher! All are welcome to stop by on these dates to watch an adolescent panel of foodies in training.


Eat the Street Restaurants and Dates.

(Just drop by and enjoy the shows!)

Irish Heather GastroPub – January 25, 6pm

210 Carrall Street


Calabash Bistro – January 26, 6pm

428 Carrall Street


Nuba @ The Waldorf – January 27, 6pm

1489 E Hastings Street


Subeez – January 28, 6pm

891 Homer Street


LaCasita – January 29, 6pm

101 West Cordova Street


Chambar – January 30, 6pm

562 Beatty Street


Chill Winston – January 31, 6pm

3 Alexander Street


Nicli Antica Pizzeria – February 1, 5pm

62 East Cordova Street


The Old Spaghetti Factory – February 2, 6pm

53 Water Street


Finale and Awards Ceremonies (FREE)

Join the panel of pre-adolescent adjudicators for an awards ceremony where awards are bestowed for everything from “Most Delicious” and "Coolest Chef" to "Least Graffiti in the Washroom."


February 4, 2pm at The Roundhouse, 181 Roundhouse Mews.


Eat the Street is produced by Mammalian Diving Reflex, a highly acclaimed Toronto-based research-art studio dedicated to investigating the social sphere. This project is based on a utopian prospect for the youth of our society — what the United Nations Committee on the Rights of the Child has called “a new social contract” wherein children are invited to be present as children, setting the tone and, in turn, triggering even higher levels of generosity between adults and children alike.


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